Who is Tai Lopez

For those of you, who heard about Tai Lopez just few times, maybe on youtube or you saw his sales video ( 67 steps ).

Where should we strat? Probably when he was searching in his own life, who could be his mentor. So he was thinking about someone from his life who was successfull in ares like health, wealth, love and happiness. He was so desperate for answers, he finally came up that the mentor could be his grandfather. But he told him: ,, Sorry Tai, i can’t help you, modern world is too complicated for me.”. But he still helped him, he sent him part of his 20K library.

Tai Lopez chasing the good life

So Tai started reading and traveling to met mentors from books in person. That is, when he met Joel Salatin, who was his first mentor, he lived on his farm for almost two years and earn tuns of expirience and quite some money.
After that he moved on did ”crazy thing”. He went and lived with Amish for two years, you probably heard about it, Tai really loves to talk about it. At that time he had some saved money, because of which he was able to afford to do basicly nothing other than being two years with Omish and learning about their culture and how they live on every day basis.
But after two years he got broke, he spend all his funds on this ”experiment” or how ever you want to call it. So from living with Amish he went back to his moms house and live on her couch for quite some time. You might ask how went from broke to driving a lamborghini? Lets talk about it.

From 0 to 100 or in Tai Lopez’s story from sofa to lamborghini

How can someone from couch earn so much money that he can afford all these cars and mansion in Hollywood specially if he doesn’t even have a college degree. Did he scam people with 67 steps for all this money?I can tell you for sure, that he didn’t because he came up with this et the end of 2014. So we know, he didn’t earn it from this program, which is supposed to get you like Ta Lopez likes to say: ,,The good life”.
Well that is the part i’ve never heard from Tai Lopez him self, which is quite weird, because he likes to talk about his past, specially about living on the sofa at his moms place, or about the time he spend with Amish without electricity and all of the 21st century stuff. And also don’t forget  the story about how he was on the farm with Joel Salatin for almost two years and solving all sort of trouble when Joel wasn’t around, i’ve heared that several times.
From what i found out on LinkedIn, Tai Lopez started out in wealth management in the early 2000s with GE, in which he worked for quite some time, actually quite few years.
From there, he started his own wealth management company for about 4 years until 2007.
After that, there he started doing online buisness on which you can find a lot of scam reviews online.
In 2008, he became the owner of Elite Global Dating, LLC , this company basiclly owns several of biggest online dating sites.
If you’re interested about Elite Global Dating, LLC here is article about it. If you read or you are going to read the article about Elite Global Dating, LLC, consider that pretty much every dating site has a lot of bad reviews, but i’m not saying it is all BS, i do beleive that the things were happening, but i don’t know and because of that i can’t say in how big scale.. But definetly he scammed atleast few people.
And that was it for quite few years, there is not more about him online.. In between 2008 and 2015 he started mentoring people for money and bought himself a nightclub, but you won’t found anything about it. And i almost forgot to mention his reading club, which i think is a great idea and you might think that it won’t buy him a lamborghini, since when you look at his website, you’ll see that he says it’s free.

Well, let me talk about Tai Lopez’s book club

I don’t know if you tried to become a member of his reading club, but i surely did. Do you know what is the first email about? I do.. It redirects you to his personel page, where you should fill in a form, which wouldn’t be that bad, but there is always a but. I will write down the questions and please let me now in comments or at social media, what you think about them. There is the basic stuff like name, phone number, which is not completely normal but yeah sure, why not. Your birthday, which i like probably as much as the phone number. Emai, that is classic. So far it seems almost normal, maybe bit on a edge, but that is Tai Lopez who are we talking about. But right after that, it starts to be messy ( maybe he wants to know how much to charge you for 67 steps, i don’t know why, but i do know, that i feel really uncomfortible with this and that it is really scatchy):

  • What Amount Do You Feel Comfortable Investing In Your Education?
  • What Is Your Annual Income?
  • What Annual Income Level Would You Like To Be At?
  • What Challenge Are You Currently Facing In Getting To Your Goal?

And the last question is the only one, which is not required.

What Tai Lopez did in 2015? Lets talk about that.

His big 67 steps, i found a lot of trash talk about it on forums etc, but few qood reviews here and there. Even i’m guilty, because i talk bad about it, but can you blame me? When you know about his adventures with Elite Global Dating, how can you trust him? Well ok, a lot of people find him trust worthy, because he speaks really well and is always talking about his book a day, but people who see him like this, most probably don’t know about his scatchy history. But that was a past, now is 2015, so is still Tai Lopez scam?

To be completely ohnest i don’t know, i really considering right know buying the 67 steps to make a better picture for my self of Tai Lopez and i actually good write a insight article on 67 steps.
If you like this idea, share this page or article with your friends and i will buy it, so we all can be a bit closer to the truth.

So to all of you who are on self improvement or entrepreneurial journey, best luck to all of you. If all of this works out, next time you’ll be reading here my review and expirience.

If you like this idea, or got some questions feel free to comment here or on social media.


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