What is 67 steps? Is 67 steps scam?

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Do you want to know if 67 steps is scam?

If you sing up for the program, you will find out that It is just not that simple. You will receive almost 70 hours of videos with daily writing assignments, daily calls to action in your own life, dozens of books to read, and a facebook group for sharing with others in the course. The goal is to take two months to become more informed, learn, work really hard(more than 4 hours per week!), and try to change some of the unproductive patterns in your life.
The 67 steps reminds me of a fairly intensive (and relatively cheap) college elective course lead by a charismatic teacher. Its a survey of successful people (in all areas of life, not just financially) with discussions about their similarities, traits, choices and how you could learn from them and apply it to yourself. As in anything, you take from it what you want and filter out the things that don’t apply to you. If you’re the type that can absorb info and learn from the experiences of others and use your own brain to figure out how to apply it, it would be helpful. But if you were expecting an easy, quantifiable, bullet pointed, automatic guaranteed system…like a magic pill…this won’t be helpful at all. I think it would be a bit naive to expect that.

To be ohnest if it was 67 steps for just 67$ i would recomend it to anyone, but with Tai Lopez scam history, like Dating Site scam and etc. If i never heard about the unending problems with canceling the membership receiving mothly bills for membership you don’t want and you don’t use i would gladly buy it and hell even recomended to all of my friends, but when you read the stuff about Tai Lopezs scam with the “mentor” calls, which he bills even when you try to cancel it. Whole same story again, like he did with the dating sites but know with mentor calls, it said, other vise it would be a great product!



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