Tai Lopez Youtube scam

tai lopez 67 scam

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Is Tai Lopez scam? Is Tai Lopez youtube scam?

Well lets see. If you read my articles you probably know about his past, dating sites scams etc.

But you still wonder Tai Lopezs youtube channel is scam. Well to be ohnest, he doesn’t charge anything for it. I talked with few people who took 67 steps and they actully said, that his youtube videos helped them more than the 67 steps scam. And i actually beleive it, i find his videos very entertaining with lots of insights of really wealthy people. unfortunately he jerks of his ego and talks all the time about 67 steps.. but other than that i really like them.


I found few articles about Tai Lopez being scam with his youtube channel, that he devides people in two categories and if you’re watching his scam stuff, that you obviously fell in the second category, who is not taking any action.. Advices like we should stop wathich his stuff. I’m not that radical, even thought the book a day scam is kind of a scam. Even thought he admited in some of his video that he usually just skimm the book instead of reading it. But than he talks again about “reading” a book day, which is scam since he skimms it, but that is just my opinion.

If you throw away the book scam and 67 steps scam, Tai Lopez provides good opinions and insights of wealthy people on his youtube channel and i found it very interesting.


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