Tai Lopez Mentors Scam

tai lopez scam

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Tai Lopez The scam artist and mentors scam

When i think about what mentorship is, my first thought is about people who guide me or help me in my life, all of those were people i was friends with nad actually met. But Tai Lopez talks about mentors from books, who he never met and advises you to do the same… But because that doesn’t work he is trying to sell you his mentorship scam.


Mentorship is type of relationship, not something that can be sold to you. Never pay for a mentorship scam.


And most importantly in all of those situations you need to be sure, that you picked the right person first, not some scum bag.

The problem with mentorship is that you idolize someone too much and then when you find out the truth about the person, you’re devastated.

As i said, please make sure you found the right person to mentorship / guide you first, then make some good research on him and first of all, if he wants to charge you, get out.

If you want to find about about Tai Lopez, the scam artist or 67 steps. If you want to know if Tai Lopez 67 steps are scam, look at other articles and reviews on this site.


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