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Tai Lopez scam and Elite Global Dating, LLC scam

If you read my last article you’ve heared a litlle bit about this, if not i suggest to read article about Tai Lopezs history.


First complains about Tai Lopez scam or Elite Global Dating scam started in 2008 when he bought them. Let me show you few of the complains you can find on the internet:

I bought an information product from this company and did not sign up to become a member. After checking my VISA statement, I noticed that they had charged me over $200 for a monthly membership fee that I had not authorized. I have contacted my bank and they have cancelled that VISA card. Beware to anybody who has any dealings with Elite Global Dating.
-Ken consumeraffairs.com 2013

Too bad that Tai Lopez is a thief, liar and commits fraud. Other than that, sure, great person to listen to. Be aware, Tai Lopez is a bad person who only wants your money.
-Carrie EpicLaunch.com 2012

Elite Global Dating LLC Tai Lopez, This is a fraudulent dating site. They send fake emails to enduce you to pay for their bunk service.
-Anonymous Ripoffreport.com 2011

SCAM ALERT DON’T DON’T DON’T SIGN UP TO THIS SITE. IT IS A SCAM! Do I FEEL LIKE A DUMB BLONDE FALLING FOR THIS? YES!!! I am not a dumb blonde, but should of, could of, would of….. Check into this, I hope these guys get what is coming to them. Karma!
-Madeline Trustlink.org 2010

The owner of eliteMeeting Tai… is the most unscrupulous dirtbag on the planet… funny how he even comes on this site, and creates a whole lot of negative votes for everyone that has a complaint against his site and super props to every stupid positive shameless promotion of his site… We know it is you Tai… get lost you stupid scammer…
-Poker Complaintsboard.com 2009

I don’t know what you think about it, but this looks to me like Tai Lopez scam the shit out of people, but hey maybe i’m wrong.

As of the start of February 2015 Elite Global Dating, LLC or Tai Lopez appears to own*:
mythailove.com (???)


*Up to this day, all the IP addresses for the websites listed have Elite Global Dating, LLC shown as the owner.

These websites above usully share the Ip adresses between each other or website template/theme or they are associated with Tai Lopez as their owner.

But this was past and those are dating sites, maybe 67 steps are not scam, maybe now a days Tai Lopez is not scam.

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