Tai Lopez 67 steps scam, is it scam?

scam tai lopez

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We got quite a lot of questions about Tai Lopezs 67 steps, if it is really a scam.

Well we know for sure that in the past he had no problem with scams, like Elite Global Dating scam, but that was quite some time back. Know is 2015 maybe we got new Tai Lopez, who is not a scam.

You definetly heared about 67 steps, he talks about them all the time, before i wrote some more about 67 steps, if they’re scam or not, please read these:  (i found them on reddit)

Signed up for this service and I wasn’t happy with my customer experience. They never stated the fee was recurring, I called them on it. They stated the recurring fee was for “monthly mentor calls” from Tai, I told them to cancel my order and give me a refund. The initial email was responded to immediately the one regarding a cancellation and refund wasn’t responded to at all. I will say used some strong language but, it’s my money.
-TaiJackedMe Reddit.com 2015

 …You can subscribe by email to receive the summaries… what I received from him in the morning was a link to a survey that, first thing, asked me for MY NAME, MY PHONE NUMBER, MY BIRTHDAY, MY ANNUAL INCOME, ETC. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
-Nabukadnezar Reddit.com 2015

Well this looks like a great scam, know exactly how much money you can scam out from people.. But hey maybe i’m wrong.

By the first review is clear that 67 steps scam is not really scam. It is 67 day program that works, but there is but. There is Tai Lopez scam.. The same story as was with dating sites, he charges you monthly fee, of which you most probably don’t know about and even when you cancel it won’t help you since it is scam scheme from the scam artist. When he says 67 step is not a get rich fast scheme, he was lying since it is scam and he gets rich fast with this scheme, but the 67 steps just by itself if you don’t count the mentor calls.. is quite interesting program. 67 steps review comming soon.



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