Information about Tai Lopezs history

tai lopez 33 scam

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A History of Tai Lopez

Due to my youtube, wikipedia, linkedin & google research i found about that Tai Lopez started out with management in wealth industry in earky 2000s. He started about with GE, at the time it was one of the biggest companies in the world.


After that he moved on and started his very own wealth management company early in 2007, right after that most of the stuff you will find about him is connected with fraudulent internet business. All kinds of post about Tai Lopez scam…


In year 2008 he bought company named Elite Global Dating, LLC. If you never heared of this company, i will just tell you, that they own many dating websites.


And right after that his “work” really picks up the tempo.

In 2008 there was countless of complains about Elite Global Dating, LLC and Tai Lopez is a fraud / Tai Lopez scam / Tai Lopez Scam artist.

Let me show you one of the complains:

After cancelling my subscription they still took payments from me! I then deleted my profile and advised my bank about their fraud but they still keep going!! My bank says they have to pay money out but refund me the cost. I wonder do I have to keep paying them forever! Countless emails to their costumer service without reply. Its not only scam but real FRAUD!
-allyka 2014  (This is 1 of about the hundreds complaints on the site over a last five years!!!)


And this is not just on forums on the internet, there are also complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau.


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