67 steps for Wealth review

Is 67 steps program scam? Is Tai Lopez scam artist?

Well let me start with 67 steps for Wealth

What is going to help you more in achieving the good life, become wealthier, healthier and happier version of your self: 67 steps? or as Tai likes to say ,,2$ a day for a coffee”, which is the average amount that every American spends for a coffee each day. ┬áTry 67 steps for one month, that is it! After that you can decide if you want to do what you learned or don’t take any action and stay the same as you are right now, either way you allready at that time know the 67 steps, so you will have your 2$ a day for coffee back.

But keep in mind that 67 steps is not get rich over night scheme, it is 30 day program, to rewire your brain. You won’t wake up as a millionare after the 1st day of taking this program, but you can wake up and apply things you learn to become one, to be a better version of your self. If you really want to ask how can someone like Tai Lopez help you, it is really simple. Someone who reads a book a day for atleast past 10 years which si atleast 3 650 books, might have something interesting to say. But also he owns several night clubs, huge dating company and many other buisneses.

So if 67 steps caught your interest, try it out! Take an action in your life, achieve your dreams.


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