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67 steps program to achieve happines ! 67 steps by Tai Lopez

Like most people you will probably ask: „ Is Tai Lopez scam ? ” or „ Is 67 steps scam ? “

Well let i will eventually get to that point in this article, but i wrote a lot many articles about ” Tai Lopez scam” or “Tai Lopez scam artist” and “67 steps scam”, you can find them on this website.

So how you can achive happiness in just 67 steps or is it even possible? I would have to answer: ,, YES it is”. Will 67 steps program help you? It might.

Why i’m saying that it might? It all depends on you. It is called 67 steps for reason, you got little over two months of daily video and tasks, to take action in your life. In first few days you will do bunch of personality test to find out little bit more about yourself, which i personally think it’s extremly important. I don’t know about you, but where i’m from, we didn’t have any personality test in school, yes i know from school if i’m good at math or w/e, but i would rather know how am i doing with communicating to others, understanding them. Or if i’m more intro or extrovert and if i am, how can i improve that, how it can help me in certein areas. All of this you will find in first few days in 67 steps.


Well that is nice, but i still don’t understand how can 67 steps help me to achive happiness.

67 steps focuses on four ares of your life in this order: Health, wealth, love and happiness. For example, if i think about it i need only 3 of those things to have a good life, because if i have: Health, Wealth & Love i’m happy. I have enough time and money to support my family, spend more time with them. My friends don’t have to worry about me, because i’m healthy, i’m doing well and i’m happy because i love them and i’m expiriencing “good life”. And don’t worry, all the stuff is not from Tai Lopez, of course he could probably give you good advice how to live more healthy, exercise right nad help you to achieve better body, but he consult the section about health with proffesional trainers because he is not Arnold  Schwarzenegger and not stubborn enought to think that he knows it all, which i really like about him, that he can admit to himself. Because if you read a book a day like he does for past  10 years, which is 3 650 books, you might think you know it all.

So is 67 steps scam ? Is Tai Lopez scam ? Can this program help you?

I think if you fit in one of those categories that it will help you

1. If you’re an Entrepreneur or are thinking of becoming one.

2. If you’re a leader or an active member in a team.

3. If you work a regular job or you want to know how to apply your personal strengths in your everyday life.

4. If you just want to have better life, the good life. Be better son/doughter/dad/mom or friend.



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