Tai Lopez 67 Steps Scam – REVIEW

Tai Lopez 67 Steps Scam – REVIEW

Please read this whole article, before “buying” Tai Lopez 67 Steps program. Yes, my English sucks, since English is not my native language. But I have been doing internet marketing for few years now and my English is decent enough to tell you, that the whole program is crap.

Why not to buy 67 steps

First of all Tai is promoting it like program, that will help you create your perfect life. That you will learn how to improve your love, health, financial and happiness. And most people buy this, because they want to learn how to earn money and live life similar to his right? Nice house, expensive cars etc. And yes, not everyone wants this, but this program won’t help you to earn a single dime. This program is only good to lose money, because you have to pay 67$ dollars for the program and most of the people are charged monthly fee also.


Tai lopez scam people from their money every damn day. Every half a year he has info product with no real info. He never have had any real businness, his business is selling you bullshit programs, that won't help you. like 67 steps won't help you to have better love life and won't help you to pick up this hot chick

Tai Lopez is scam artist

I don’t want to get too deep in to this, but there have been several people talking about his business history. Because every time, someone makes fun of Tai, that he started making money with selling 67 steps online in his garage. That he’s not the persona he claims to be, right. And he always tells, that he had several business before etc. But only business I have found was a dating company… Which wasn’t really that much legit. Since I have found a lot of old threads on several different forms, that they have been charged money for several months after deleting their membership and that there was no option of canceling etc.

Positive 67 steps reviews are fake

Yes, I can say this without a doubt. Why? As I have mentioned, I have been making money online for quite some time. And programs like this, are sold via 3rd party service, where can affiliates sign up. This is great for several different reasons. People who don’t have anything to sell, they can find products like this and sell it and get 75% commission and people like Lopez would receive 25% of the sale and both of those people are satisfied. And this is great for Tai, that he doesn’t have to promote it on his own. Yes this is passive income, but only for him, you won’t learn anything from the program. So all those websites, which are describing how those 67 steps changed their life etc. Are complete fiction, 99% of those articles are written by people who did not even go threw those 67 steps.

Tai lopez 67 steps won't help you to buy this beautiful blue lamborgini cabrio, are you out of your mind, 67 steps won't earn you even a single dollar


How to spot fake reviews?

Most of these articles will contain the same phrases as Tai has in his promotional video. Because they have to write enough content to rank in google and they did not try it themselves, so they have to work with what they now from the video. So all those articles will contain words like improve 4 pillars of your life or health, wealth, love and happiness. Somewhere within the article will be banner ad with Tai surrounded with hot girls, money, cars or all of the above. And within the article will be 100% link to buy 67 steps.

My review

Yes I have spend my own  money on this. It was almost two years ago. All I got was library of 67 videos and also 67 mp3. First 10 steps I watched videos only, because I was still thinking that this is something legit and that it would help me, right.. Well after those 10 videos, which ranged from 3 – 60 minutes long I knew what I got in to. But I still wasn’t ready to give up, so I have transferred all mp3 files to my phone and I was listening to steps every day, while running.

After I have completed all 67 I was still the same and I did not learn single thing. I have only wasted my money. Some of you, might go to comments section after reading this and be like “ Hey at least it made you go out and run”. Well that is not true, I was already doing that on daily basis. Yes if you wish to throw out 67$ go ahead and buy it and do the same as I did, go run and listen to it, for that it works fine. But there is so many better free options. Seriously, I learn more things while listening to JRE podcast, which is for free and it is entertaining.

Also after first 6 or 7 steps, you will quickly realize, that he talks about the same thing over and over again. To the end, it gets extremly annoying. And you might be wondering what is in those steps. One of them is to start taking cold showers every day, to as he say tuffen up. Yeah, do this and you will be millionaire in no time… GOSH!

my 67 steps review, i hope it will change your mind, that you no longer want to buy this crap

Why is Tai Lopez SCAM

As I have mentioned the whole thing about his past business, that speaks for itself. But he is doing it again, several people have reported, that they have received several invoices for some kind of mentor ship program, which they have never ordered from him. And he is also scamming his own affiliates. I’ve talked to several people, who have spent thousands of dollars for website, design and articles and some more money on seo. So most of these people, have spend over 10k $+ for promoting these steps and after month or two they were not able to promote this program anymore. Do you wonder why? Because from their leads there was about 10% charge backs, which is completely normal, when the program is so shitty.

All his products are bad

He has several other programs bitcoin crypto mastermind, credit mentor program, real estate flipping program. Also the master plan, social media secrets program, accessing the tribe, how to invest your money and social media marketing agency training. Also I have found one more about drop shipping, which I have been doing for more than 2 years, for my main source of income, so I know a lot about this. The program was horrible, there was no information you could not find on google. Also the tutorials how to promote your dropshipping store were not optimized at all. If you gave me 3 days, I would create a better e-book, which would help you to earn money via drop shipping and probably I would not even charge the money for it, because a lot of this you can find on google. If you are interested in drop shipping, this is probably the best course out there, which will teach you how to set up your shopify store, how to find products and how to set up your ad campaigns, if you are interested click here.

I have also went threw the bitcoin crypto mastermind program, which is again horrible. If you are complete newbie in crypto, you might learn how to set up your bitcoin wallet and that is it. You won’t learn how to make money with crypto and again, all the info in the product, which cost several hundred dollars. And as I have mentioned before all the information can be easily found on google.

And last product I have tried was social media agency training, which costs over 1000$. I don’t even want to talk about it, for they money you pay for this, you receive absolutely nothing! You will learn more from free keynote on youtube with Gary Vaynerchuk for god sake!

My final thoughts

These are my last words on tai lopez 67 steps scam. please read this carefully

If you really want to improve your life, save the 67 dollars, just don’t buy it is really not worth the money. With the money you have saved, buy a nice flower for your mom. This alone will improve your love and happiness pillars in your life. If you want to improve your health click here, this is my favorite diet. With this diet, you don’t have huge insulin spikes, so you have steady energy threw out your day and also it is great for lowering you body fat percentage. If you want to improve your wealth, I’m big fan of drop shipping and this guide is best. I wish I knew about it, when I was starting out. This is it, thanks for reading my 67 steps review and I hope I have changed your mind. Because Tai Lopez scams people and I hope I can change it. If I saved you money, with this article, please share it with your friends that Tai Lopez 67 steps program is pure bs.